He/Him. Techie. Coder. Atheist. Vegan.

I'm John Espiritu, currently working full-time as a PHP developer for a real estate organization.

I taught myself how to code when I was around 14 y/o after reading about VBA scripting on my high school textbook. It eventually helped me earn a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

I like to play rhythm and racing games like CTR, Guitar Freaks/Drum Mania, and Wangan Midnight. Sometimes, I play MOBA games like League or Mobile Legends. Adulthood took my time away from video games, although it allowed me to buy a couple of gaming consoles.

Although I generally use modern technologies, computing in the late 2000's to early 2010's has a special place in my heart. I believe it was the best period of personal computing in terms of design (creativity and repairability), ownership (less internet dependent), and simplicity (lightweight and fast apps).

After living in the Philippines for almost 3 decades, I moved to the United States. I was able to start a new life here with the help of my good friends and relatives.

Currently living the life in San Diego, California!

San Diego Bay


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