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An idiocy in the modern web, where using an old browser to read an article causes HTTP 400 telling you to "update your browser".

What I'm doing is obviously unusual, but at least I should be able to see the article's text.


Just discovered someone who has the same sentiments as me when it comes to OS X being the best era of Macs. He has nice projects for old OS X, such as fixes for some outdated parts (e.g. Weather widget, Emojis), OpenEmu Lite, and even Legacy Chromium (v.100+).


Purchased new domain (not SSL strict unlike .dev TLD). This time, site hosted on Vultr instead of Digital Ocean. Ran into few problems during setup, especially on SSH keys.

Vultr VPS automatically adds swap memory; you add swap manually in DO.

'22 Web in old OS X

Web is pretty much broken on OS X 10.8.5. Safari and last compatible Firefox were unusable because of expired Root CAs.

Needed to manually add Let's Encrypt ISRG X1 Root CA to Firefox and KeyChain. Safari don't work at all on Let's Encrypt sites.

Many sites including Stack Overflow, Google, Facebook, and Twitter are virtually unusable. This shows many websites in 2022 are very JS dependent. Non-"app" sites like Hacker News and Wikipedia work fine.

Installing packages in OS X 10.8

I use Mac Ports 2.7.2 to update and install some utils.


Migrated old posts from Nuxt site. Simplifying site to manual HTML files moving forward. I will also be writing small updates in this format instead of dedicated pages.

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