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Got covid again, spoiling my long holiday weekend. Didn't lose my sense of smell or taste, but got really sore throat and fever over the weekend. Aside from coughs and runny nose, it wasn't anything severe.

Got the first two shots back in the PH, and a booster about six months ago in a local pharmacy. You just can't get away from this thing.

It has been roughly 15 months since I first got it.


Got my first roll of film developed. I only got 24 exposures because I wasn't able to put the film properly on the second retry and didn't actually expose the 12 remaining, lol.

Love the results. No adjustments or filters needed. I've always wanted the film aesthetics on my digital photos, but can't really replicate it.


Almost a year ago, I appeared in Google Maps Street View, which probably won't happen again in my lifetime. Didn't have my car yet - was waiting for my Uber ride going to work around 8 AM.

My car parked by the office also appeared around June 2022.

Street View seems to be frequently updated in the US.


Recommended tools for learning Japanese:


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Migrated old posts from Nuxt site. Simplifying site to manual HTML files moving forward. I will also be writing small updates in this format instead of dedicated pages.

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